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What To Expect As A New Guest....

The experience begins as soon as you choose your service package and book your first appointment. We will both receive an automated confirmation of the appointment and then I will review your information and email you with any follow-up questions or adjustments that need to be made.

On the day of your visit, you will find your way to Serenity Salon & Wellness in Millis Square. You'll find plenty of free parking available in the large lot behind the beautiful pink house. Once you park, you will see two signs on the back of the building that say "Serenity Salon & Wellness" with an arrow pointing down, take the stairs below the sign and you'll walk straight into the salon. I will greet you and give you a tour of the salon. 

After your tour, we will sit down for a thorough consultation. Here we will discuss not just your goals for today but your goals long-term and you'll complete a little paperwork to conclude the consultation.

If you're here for color, your formula will be custom blended and recorded in my system for you so it's always ready and waiting for each visit.


We will finish your visit with a few new tips and tricks so you can recreate your style at home, I'll recommend the best hair care products for maintaining the health of your hair, take a few photos and prebook your next appointment


We have Wifi, sparkling water, seasonal beverages, snacks, phone chargers, and more to keep you comfortable during your appointment.


You'll head out feeling refreshed and gorgeous!



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