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Hey love, I'm Kelli!

Specializing in blondes, brunettes and tape-in extensions!

I'm Serenity's resident health & fitness expert, I love sharing my secret hair  product "cocktails" and styling tips to achieve your look at home!

"My favorite thing about being a hair stylist is the opportunity to make my guest learn to love their hair. Hair doesn't have to feel like a can be simple and fun.

If you sit in my chair, plan to have a new-found passion for styling your hair. I make gorgeous hair easy and achievable." 

I became a hair stylist because I loved chemistry in college but I quickly learned that I didn't want to work in a typical chemistry lab. I knew that I wanted the opportunity to have powerful, fun connections with women day after day and I've spent the last 20 years making that dream a reality.


I am fueled by my love of black decaf coffee and lifting heavy weights. When I'm not in the salon you will find me taking hot yoga classes, working in my garden or eating ice cream with my husband.

As a natural brunette myself, I found that it was hard to find stylists who could create healthy, dimensional blonde locks. While I love brunettes, I am a self professed highlighting master, dimensional blondes and lived in color are really my sweet spot and I'd love the opportunity to discuss taking your gorgeous locks to the next level.



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